African angst as seen by journalists

28 October 2013

Journalist Karl Maier, correspondent of The Independent and a number of other publications, has been making repeated visits to Angola since 1986.

Out of Love with Africa

23 June 2013

The Last Train to Zona Verde: Overland from Cape Town to Angola

By Paul Theroux

Out of Love with Africa

Africa is rising - and Britain's bwanas are out of step

28 February 2012

Africa is on the move: from basket case to a potential bread basket, from dodgy debtor to investor opportunity. Too bad that Britain risks remaining out of step and out of touch.



Austerity, Bono and a culure of cuts

22 December 2010

By Michael holman


Thank goodness, the IMF and the bank don't bother us in Africa. Instead they now watch Ireland, writes Michael Holman An article about "cuts".

Aid to Africa

27 May 2009

By Michael Holman

Arena (Michael Holman): Of course aid corrupts. The evidence is there, from Congo to Kenya. And who can doubt that most aid to Africa does not work:  a greater percentage of Kenyans today live in poverty than at independence some 45 years ago, despite billions of dollars of foreign assistens. 


Aid to Africa: not only mad, but dangerous to receive. 

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