Why aid has become one of Africa's biggest problems

24 October 2010

Foreign donor organisations often end up exacerbating issues that require local solutions, writes Greg Mills

Aid to Africa

27 May 2009

By Michael Holman

Arena (Michael Holman): Of course aid corrupts. The evidence is there, from Congo to Kenya. And who can doubt that most aid to Africa does not work:  a greater percentage of Kenyans today live in poverty than at independence some 45 years ago, despite billions of dollars of foreign assistens. 


Aid to Africa: not only mad, but dangerous to receive. 

Africa needs confidence, not more aid

18 March 2005

For 40 years, western-led donors have been putting money into Africa. Yet its citizens have got poorer. So how do aid ministers and NGOs justify this wasteful spending?

At least we all agree on one thing; Africa is in a mess.



A calamity contained but not resolved

19 October 1985

Bob Geldof, the Irish pop singer, who has come to personify a fresh approach to aid – a generous man-in-the-street response to disaster couppled with an impatience over red tape – arrives in Ethiopia today.