The west lays itself a trap over Uganda’s anti-gay laws

5 March 2014

Once a favourite of international aid donors, Uganda’s president is the target of western outrage following his decision last week to approve one of the continent’s nastiest anti-homosexual laws.

President who ruled in shadow of tyrants

9 October 2010

By Michael Holman

Shortly before the swearing in of Godfrey Binaisa, the former Ugandan president who died last week aged 90, an ominous notice appreared. Nailed above the entrance to the country's central bank - a dilapidated building in war-ravaged Kampala - it declared: "This structure is in danger of collapse" . 

Ugandan police beat protestors at summit

24 November 2007

By George Parker and Michael Holman in Kampala

Human rights demonstrators were on Friday beaten by Ugandan police in Kampala, during an Commonwealth summit dominated by talk of upholding civil liberties and democracy. David Miliband, Britain's foreign minister, promised to raise concerns about Uganda's human rights in Kampala, but governments ignored opposition calls for a summit boycott. 


Powerful personality who as PM twice failed Uganda

12 October 2005

By Michael Holman

Apollo Milton Obote, first prime minister of an independent Uganda, had a unique claim to fame. Alone among African leaders, he won back at the ballot box in 1980 the office he had lost in a coup nine years earlier to Idi Amin. Unfortunately for Uganda, both his sessions in office proved disastrous, and the country is still recovering from his malign legacy.