Aid to Africa

27 May 2009

By Michael Holman

Arena (Michael Holman): Of course aid corrupts. The evidence is there, from Congo to Kenya. And who can doubt that most aid to Africa does not work:  a greater percentage of Kenyans today live in poverty than at independence some 45 years ago, despite billions of dollars of foreign assistens. 


Aid to Africa: not only mad, but dangerous to receive. 

Leaked memo deepens Kenya crisis

10 January 2008

By William Wallis and Michael Holman in London and Krishna Guha in Washington

A confidential memo from the World Bank's Kenya office that supports President Mwai Kibaki's claim of victory in the country's disputed elections plunged the Washington-based lender into controversy on Wednesday. The memo claims that "the considered view of the UN is that the Electoral Commision of Kenya announcement of a Kibaki win is correct". 

World Bank is wide awake to corruption in Kenya

24 February 2006

From Mr Gobind Nankani.

Sir, Michael Holman ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze" 16 February 2006) claims that the World Bank has continued lending large amounts of money to Kenya without regard for corruption there. This is simply not true. In this article are the facts, which are publicly available on our website

Kenya's afflictions go far beyond scandals of corruption

20 February 2006

From Prof Jeffrey D Sachs.

Sir, I was sorry to see Michael Homan's justified distatase for Kenyan corruption transformed into an illogical rant against the aid donors to that country ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze", 16 February 2006)