Obituary: Ian Smith, architect of white-minority rule in Rhodesia

20 November 2007

By Michael Holman


Ian Smith, the former prime minister of Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - has died at the age of 88, convinced that history had vindicated his decision to break with Britain to preserve white-minority rule. He made an unilateral declaration of Rhodesia's indepence from Britain, UDI, on 11 November 1965. 

Guerrillas & Giraffes

10 May 2007

'I was a racist,' writes Lauren St John, looking back on her upbringing on a Rhodesian farm during the death throes of white rule. 'A child and a product of my environment, yes, but still a racist.' That seems a hard judgement. After all, many of the experiences on wich she bases her memoirs happened during her pre-adolescent years; indeed, she was barely fourteen when the country's guerrilla was ended, and independent Zimbabwe was born.

Dizzy worms in Zimbabwe

19 March 2007

Take all predictions about the end of Robert Mugabe's regime with a pinch of salt. No one has a clue as to how the man will go; or when; or who will succeed him. Indeed, I doubt that President Mugabe himself can provide the answers to these questions

Notice to person refused leave to enter Zimbabwe

2 December 1994

Michael Holman refused leave to enter Zimbabwe.

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