A rescue package for Zimbabwe

1 April 2008

By Michael Holman

If bravey shaped reality, Zimbabwe would be starting a new era. In the face of thuggery and in defiance of years of state intimidation, the country's opposition has swept the election board. But it would be premature to celebrate the political demise - and foolish to underestimate the resolve - of the 84-year-old Robert Mugabe. 

Obituary: Ian Smith, architect of white-minority rule in Rhodesia

20 November 2007

By Michael Holman


Ian Smith, the former prime minister of Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - has died at the age of 88, convinced that history had vindicated his decision to break with Britain to preserve white-minority rule. He made an unilateral declaration of Rhodesia's indepence from Britain, UDI, on 11 November 1965.