Face up to reality and start talking to Robert Mugabe

10 September 2013

It is time for the west to take stock, set aside old scores and take a fresh look at Zimbabwe.

Time for Britain to start talking to Mugabe

29 May 2011

By Michael Holman

With Mugabe's health failing, it is time for Britain to re-engage, writes Michael Holman. Time is running out for Robert Mugabe. The combination of advancing years and poor health are taking their toll on the 87-year-old despot. As mortality catches up with Zimbabwe's president, so an opportunity should be opening for Britain to re-engage with its former colony. 

Zimbabwe needs the west to engage Mugabe

20 August 2009

By Michael Holman


It is time for western governments to swallow their pride, re-engage in Zimbabwe and do business with Robert Mugabe. The country's battered people urgently need help: compassion and self-interest demands that the west provide it; the future of the oppotition Movement for Democratic Change could well depend on it. 

What next for Zimbabwe - Q&A with Michael Holman

2 April 2008

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change is claiming victory in Zimbabwe's elections. But the announcement of the official results is being delayed, amid allegations of vote-rigging by President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party. Journalist and author Michael Holman answers questions. 

A rescue package for the stricken of Zimbabwe

2 April 2008

If bravery shaped reality, Zimbabwe would be starting a new era. In the face of thuggery and in defiance of years of state intimidation, the country‘s opposition has swept the election board. But it would be premature to celebrate the political demise - and foolish to underestimate the resolve - of the 84-year-old Robert Mugabe, the man who has led Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 and who has since delivered it into the abyss.

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