Last Orders at Harrods 3

21 November 2013

If you bought a white wristband in July and seriously believed that a has-been rocker could possibly undo centuries of neglect, corruption and exploitation, Holman's book should be manditory reading, writes ALEXIS FLYNN.

Rabble Rouser for Peace & Mandela

23 November 2013

Rabble Rouser for Peace: The authorized biography of Desmond Tutu, by John Allen

The Twilight of White Africa

23 November 2013

What is it about the experience of whites in Rhodesia that readers and publishers find so fascinating? Peter Godwin led the field with his memoir Mukiwa: a White Boy in Africa.

Why is Africa poor?

23 November 2013

”You can date the decline" of the continent, observes the colonial 'Oldest Member’ caricature in Michael Holman's vivid and entertaining new novel, Dizzy Worms, by the decay of its buildings, farms and institutions, what he terms "rings on Africa's post-independence trunk".

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