Stripey & The Post Box (457 comments)

26 June 2012

Authored and commissioned by Michael Holman, the book tells the story of Stripey the cat and his quest to solve the problem of dogs making it near impossible to post letters for fear of being ambushed and chased, ending in the hallowed halls of Number 10 Downing Street and Newsnight.

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Stripey & The Post Box

Dizzy Worms - An African Tale (2746 comments)

11 April 2010

In DIZZY WORMS, the final novel in the satirical Kuwisha trilogy, Michael Holman draws an affectionate portrait of a region beset by the machinations of local politicians and the attentions of diplomats, foreign donors, aid workers, and journalists.

Dizzy Worms - An African Tale

Fatboy and the Dancing Ladies

16 March 2007

Affectionate, funny and sharply observant, FATBOY AND THE DANCING LADIES is a satirical tale of East Africa and the resilient patrons of Kireba's Harrods International Bar (and Nightspot), presided over by the irrepressible Charity Mupanga.

Fatboy and the Dancing Ladies

Last Orders at Harrods (1576 comments)

20 June 2005

Michael Holman's satirical fictional debut novel. This African Tale is full of humour, home truths, anger and romance whilst exposing the humbug and humanity of life in modern Africa. 

Last Orders at Harrods
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