Brilliant salesman in FT's toughest markets (21 comments)

9 November 2006

By Michael Holman and Quentin Peel

Raymond O'Donnell, who has died aged 67, was a brilliant international salesman for the Financial Times. He was also one of the great raconteurs and possessed a contacts book packed with friendships that spanned the world and bridged its divides. His bond with the FT lasted nearly 40 years, though he always remained a freelance. 


A last chance for laid-back leader of the opposition – Financial Times

4 January 2003

When Mwai Kibaki made his first speech as president to a jostling, sweating, over-excited crowd of half a million Kenyans this week, many were surprised by both it's tone and content.

A calamity contained but not resolved

19 October 1985

Bob Geldof, the Irish pop singer, who has come to personify a fresh approach to aid – a generous man-in-the-street response to disaster couppled with an impatience over red tape – arrives in Ethiopia today.