Debt and Africa's poor: the World Bank relents

1 September 1995

Michael Holman reports on a 180-degree policy shift on how to cope with the continent's $160bn debt mountin.

Out of fashion, out of Africa

1 October 1995

Kenya, and on a clear day you can see snow on its peak. When it rains, I smell the earth, tangy, acrid and smoky, and if I stand downwind I can smell the rain coming.



Commonwealth capitulation

5 March 2002

The most serious casualty of the Commonwealth debacle in Coolum, Australia, is not the people of Zimbabwe, who have waited in vain for the organisaion to assert its professed democratic values, but the Commonwealth itself.

Empire's angry offspring

9 March 2002

Michael Holman, who first met Robert Mugabe 30 years ago, traces the personal and political history that turned the warrior for Zimbabwean liberation into today's bitter president.



What me? A Yupipple? Surely not ...

21 April 2002

Michael Holman comes under fire from a fellow liberal

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