World Bank is wide awake to corruption in Kenya

24 February 2006

From Mr Gobind Nankani.

Sir, Michael Holman ("The donors who turn a blind eye to Kenyan sleaze" 16 February 2006) claims that the World Bank has continued lending large amounts of money to Kenya without regard for corruption there. This is simply not true. In this article are the facts, which are publicly available on our website

Good news from Africa

14 September 2005

By Michael Holman


There is good news from the continent, but it is in danger of being buried under hand-wringing anguish and well-intented largesse. The good news is the emergence, not of a new breed of polician, but a new breed of business leaders. However, as a recent World Bank report points out, when it comes to improving the business climate for local or foreign investors, African countries lag well behind all other regions. 

Corruption, hope and charity

27 May 2005

Author: James Urquhart

A review of Michael Holman's debut novel, Last Orders at Harrods.

"Last Orders at Harrods" is full of incongruous truths about the nature of corruption and the conditions imposed by foreign donors, as well as jibes about the laziness of foreign correspondents..."

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